Admissions Process

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Admissions Overview

In order to help potential patients get the services they need in the most efficient amount of time, San Juan Capestrano Hospital makes the process of admissions one that is as streamlined as possible. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, our admissions staff can be accessed for an assessment by walking into our hospital and requesting an evaluation or by calling in advance to our Access Line to schedule an assessment and receive a brief orientation on the admissions process.

Admissions Criteria

The admissions criteria for San Juan Capestrano Hospital includes the following:

  • Individuals who are a potential danger to him or herself or others
  • Individuals who show severe psychosocial dysfunction that requires and is expected to respond to therapeutic intervention
  • Those who have attempted suicide within 24 hours
  • Individuals who are currently battling suicidal ideations with a plan and means that could present imminent danger to oneself
  • Those who have a recent history of self-mutilation, significant risk-taking behavior, or low impulse control that could result in danger to self or others
  • Individuals who have recently made assaultive threats or behaviors within 24 hours with clear risk of escalation or near future repetition of said threats or behaviors
  • Individuals with disordered behavior, psychomotor agitation, or retardation that interferes with the individual’s daily living activities such that the patient cannot function in a less restrictive level of care
  • Those who are experiencing disorientation or memory impairment that endangers the welfare of the patient or others
  • Those who cannot maintain adequate nutrition, living conditions, or other essential self-care activities due to a psychiatric disorder and lack the support from others to maintain such necessities
  • Individuals who have experienced atypical, severe, or life-threatening side effects from using substances, such as medications, drugs, and/or alcohol

Admissions Process

Upon arrival at San Juan Capestrano Hospital, and after being received by front office personnel, a highly experienced clinical evaluator will meet with the potential patient in a private, safe, and confidential manner and start the triage process and assess for the aforementioned criteria. A brief assessment and screening process will be performed to initially determine the potential patient’s needs and to address any pressing and immediate concerns. A physician will then interview the potential patient and perform a complete Initial psychiatric evaluation and mental status assessment, in addition to a physical evaluation. This will help to determine the proper level of care needed.

The results of these assessments will be discussed with one of our experienced psychiatrists, of whom will determine the care level required. If an admission to our hospital is recommended, admissions orders will be given by the attending psychiatrist and the clinical evaluator will then continue with the orientation and admissions process. Once completed, treatment planning commences.

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