Professional Referrals

At San Juan we value our relationship with professionals and take careful measures to involve you in every step, making the transition for your patient as painless as possible.

San Juan Capestrano Hospital gladly accepts referrals from other professionals when it is felt that an individual would benefit from the programming offered at our premier hospital. Whether you are a community psychiatrist, mental health professional, a staff member of an emergency room, doctor’s office, school, EAP program, veterans hospital or clinic, one of our affiliated programs, or a former patient of San Juan Capestrano Hospital, we will do all that we can to help you secure the mental health and/or chemical dependency services you, a patient, or a loved one needs.

Our Referral Assistance Program (RAP) is a program that is unique to San Juan Capestrano Hospital that, with the consent of the potential patient, allows a member of our admissions staff to initiate the point of contact with the referral source. Once permission is granted by the patient, our staff can provide an update to the referral source and discuss the level of care that is recommended, along with the case disposition. Additionally, once a patient is assigned a case manager, the referral source is contacted to discuss treatment progress and discharge recommendations. The consent to discuss a patient’s treatment is maintained for the duration of care or until a patient revokes consent for San Juan staff to speak to the referral source.

At San Juan Capestrano, we value the relationships we have with referral sources in the community. We also believe that the coordination of care is a collaborative process that is best enacted with people who have our patient’s best interests at heart. Our staff will do all that they can to ensure that a referral source is kept abreast of the following in the event a referral is admitted into one of our programs:

  • Level of care recommended
  • Treatment methods used while in our care
  • Medication recommendations, along with prescription information and dosages prescribed
  • Aftercare and discharge recommendations
  • Any changes to a patient’s care that are based on apparent needs while in our care

Our hope is to make the referral and treatment process as smooth and as collaborative as possible by effectively communicating the aforementioned treatment information with referral sources.

If you feel that someone could greatly benefit from receiving the superior care available at San Juan Capestrano Hospital, do not hesitate to contact us for more information or to inquire about our referral and admissions processes.

Referral Form for Menthal Health Providers.

Even though I was scared to get help for my anxiety, deciding to go to San Juan Capestrano Hospital was the best decision I made for my health.

– Sofia H.