Substance Abuse IOP – Adults

At San Juan Capestrano Hospital, we provide detox, inpatient and outpatient services to adolescents, adults, and seniors struggling with addiction and mental health issues. We offer specialized programming options to ensure that each patient receives the level of care they need.

Intensive Outpatient Program Overview

Our adult substance abuse intensive outpatient program (IOP) is designed for patients aged 18 years and older who no longer need the intensive treatment provided in an inpatient program, but still require structured treatment on an ongoing basis. Currently, our adult substance abuse IOP treats the use and/or abuse of marijuana, cocaine, heroin, crack, alcohol, and prescription medications, amongst various others. This specific treatment service is located at the following San Juan Capestrano locations: Mayagüez and Ponce.

Treatments and Therapies

The treatment methods used in IOP are individualized to meet each patient’s specific recovery needs and the treatment modalities used in the program include dialectic behavioral therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and life skills training. Individual therapy is held at least twice a week throughout a patient’s participation in this program, but more sessions can be added if deemed appropriate. The main treatment approach in IOP are group sessions, which are broken down into three separate stages, as indicated below:

Stage 1: three sessions a day, three days a week for three weeks
Stage 2: three sessions a day, two days a week for eight weeks
Stage 3: three sessions a day, one day a week for five weeks
Some of the most common topics covered in group sessions include co-occurring disorders, stages of change, effect on the body and brain, tools for helpful recovery, coping skills, stress management, anger management, 12-steps, sober supports, healthy relationships, relapse prevention, grief and loss, and women’s issues. In addition to individual and group therapy, IOP patients will participate in family therapy or family interventions at least once per stage.

A typical day for each patient in this program will include the following:

  • Registration
  • Community meeting
  • Group therapy (process groups)
  • Group therapy (life skills, held 3 times a week)
  • Experiential therapy (at least once a week)
  • Closure meeting
  • Individual therapy with a case manager (once a week)
  • Family intervention (once during each treatment stage)

At San Juan Capestrano Hospital we are dedicated to meeting our patients’ continuing care needs, ensuring that they remain successful in their recovery journey to maintain a sober, happy life.

The staff of this hospital treat you with true professionalism, the therapies they offer help you in your mental condition to overcome them from the moment you walk through the doors you will feel. As a family for his treatment so you feel comfortable and calm. From the beginning it's nice.

– Belén A.