Our Philosophy

San Juan Capestrano Hospital is a 172-bed private psychiatric center located in San Juan, Puerto Rico, offering detox, inpatient, and outpatient services to adolescents, adults, and seniors struggling with addiction and mental health issues. We also offer services at numerous other locations throughout the island.

At San Juan Capestrano Hospital, we hold ourselves to the highest of standards in providing a comprehensive, full continuum of care for individuals who are battling a myriad of mental health conditions and/or chemical dependency concerns. We are committed to providing the best quality of mental health services in Puerto Rico through innovative, distinctive, and individualized treatment options that are based on integrity, respect, and compassionate care. All of our efforts are founded in the desire to provide optimal care and services that our patients, our physicians, and our employees feel proud of and want to recommend.

Our ever-present vision is to be the leading organization providing all-encompassing behavioral, emotional, and mental healthcare and chemical dependency services throughout Puerto Rico. We are committed to conducting ongoing research in order to maintain the highest level of competency in our field. We put forth every effort to maintain a premier quality of services that offers care in a safe and nurturing environment that will promote recovery and reinstate our patients as productive members of their communities.

Additionally, the caring, compassionate, and qualified staff at San Juan Capestrano Hospital holds true to upholding the following:

  • Provide comprehensive, effective, and professional mental healthcare and substance abuse services to those reaching out for care
  • Continue to be involved in the future of mental health services in Puerto Rico by maintaining an active participation in community and professional decision-making organizations
  • Maintain active participation and commitment in research activities that will provide evidence-based practices for the services that we offer
    Provide a nurturing, supportive, and safe environment for our patients and our employees
  • Continue to develop leaders in all levels of our organization and encourage participation in the decision-making process
    Improve daily living skills to allow patients to reach and maintain their maximum potential for an improved quality of life
    Maintain our presence in the community participating in service and educational activities
  • Continue to identify areas and services for improvement and measure progress
  • Increase the skills of our employees through ongoing training and experience
  • Continue to conduct business practices according to the highest of ethical standards

Even though I was scared to get help for my anxiety, deciding to go to San Juan Capestrano Hospital was the best decision I made for my health.

– Sofia H.